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The IBS maintains contact with other organizations that focus on Brecht’s work, including the Brecht Archive in Berlin, the Brecht Arbeitsstelle in Karlsruhe, and the Stadt- und Staatsbibliothek Augsburg.


Bertolt Brecht Erben Büro
Thulestr. 42

13189 Berlin

Tel 49 - 30 / 282 3962 
Email: brechterben[at]

The office of the Brecht Erben in Berlin answers questions regarding legal rights to and licensing of Brecht material for production purposes in all media.



Scholars and writers who wish to quote unpublished material from the Brecht Archive must receive written permission through the Archive (see address below). Anyone quoting from published Brecht material is subject to copyright law and "fair use" standards in the country of publication and should notify the publisher to obtain copyright permission.

Archiv der Akademie der Künste
Dr. Erdmut Wizisla, Director
Chausseestrasse 125
10115 Berlin
Tel. 49 - 30 / 20057 18 00
Fax 49 - 30 / 20057 18 33 

Hours: open by appointment

The Brecht Archive, together with the Helene Weigel Archive, includes over 356,000 documents, among which there are over 200,000 manuscripts of Brecht and his various collaborators (e.g., Elisabeth Hauptmann, Margarete Steffin, Ruth Berlau, Walter Benjamin, Hanns Eisler, Paul Dessau, and Caspar Neher), as well as photographs, 20,000 books (including Brecht's personal library of 3,500 volumes), about 110,000 newspaper and journal articles, program booklets of Brecht productions, theater posters, production photos, tape and record recordings, and films.


Archiv der Akademie der Künste
Elke Pfeil, Leiterin Benutzerservice / Gedenkstätten
Chausseestrasse 125
10115 Berlin
Tel. 49 - 30 / 20057-1844
Fax 49 - 30 / 20057-1833

Since 1978 the Brecht-Weigel apartment in the Chausseestrasse has been open to the public. A tour through the rooms offers visitors a view of their living conditions after they returned from exile to the GDR. The furniture and the library are maintained in the original condition. Public tours (maximum 8 people) are available Tuesdays through Sundays (click here for opening hours). The gravesites of Brecht and Weigel, near those of Hegel, Fichte, and Heinrich Mann, are located next door at the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof.


Berliner Ensemble (Berlin)
Am Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 
10117 Berlin
Kasse: 282 08 155
Fax: 284 08 151


Bertolt-Brecht-Forschungsstelle Augsburg
This website is the portal for information on the Brecht-related holdings of the State Library in Augsburg.


Brecht-Freunde Augsburg
Established in 1997, this literary group regularly sponsors Brecht forums in Augsburg.


Brechthaus Augsburg 
Brecht's birth house, now a museum with an exhibit on Brecht in Augsburg.


Bert-Brecht-Kreis Augsburg 

The Augsburg Brecht literary society was founded in 1984 and is devoted to informing the public about Brecht's works and importance.


Brecht-Weigel-Haus Buckow
Bertolt-Brecht-Str. 29
15377 Buckow
Tel. 33466 / 467

In 1952 Brecht and Weigel leased the estate of the "Eiserne Villa", built in 1910/11 in the idyllic lakeside spa of Buckow and located about 45 minutes by car east of Berlin in the Märkische Schweiz. Here Brecht wrote the Buckower Elegien and conferred with many of his friends and co-workers from the Berliner Ensemble. Weigel continued to use the residence until her death. Since 1977 part of the grounds and one of the houses opened to the public as a museum devoted to Brecht and Weigel.


Arbeitsstelle Bertolt Brecht (ABB)
am Institut für Literaturwissenschaft des Karlsruhe Instituts für Technologie
Director: Prof. Dr. Jan Knopf

Established in 1989 at the University of Karlsruhe, the Arbeitsstelle played an important role in the editing of the 30-volume edition of Brecht’s works in German as well as the 5-volume Brecht-Handbuch published by Metzler Verlag.



Brecht's House in Svendborg
(Brechts Wohndomizil während der Exilzeit - das Haus kann zu Wohn- und Studienzwecken gemietet werden)
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